Fröling T4e

The next generation of high efficiency wood chip and wood pellet boiler has arrived!

The new T4e from Fröling can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its intelligent fully-automatic system.

With the silicon carbide combustion chamber, the T4e ensures the highest level of efficiency with minimal emissions.

The Fröling T4e boiler is particularly easy to position and install. The entire boiler is fully assembled, electrically wired and tested in Frölings factory in Austria meaning it’s ready to “plug in and heat”.

Particular attention was paid to energy efficiency, durability and stability during the development of the T4e. The T4e consumes very little electricity during operation, keeping the operating costs down.

Thanks to its modular construction and compact dimensions, the boiler is perfectly suited to be installed in a cascade solution of 2 or more boilers. Until now this was only possible with a typical oil or gas boiler.
A cascade solution results in extremely high annual efficiency due to multiple boilers being much better equipped to handle the variations in heating loads throughout the 12 months of the year.

Frölings philosophy revolves around designing biomass boilers to compete with the highest efficiency gas condensing systems on the market, a philosophy which has constantly seen Fröling remain the market leaders in high efficiency biomass boilers.

  • Fuel: Woodchip up to 30% moisture content / Wood pellet
  • Output options: 200kW & 250kW
  • High efficiency combustion of both wood chips and pellets
  • Flue gas re-circulation as standard ensuring low emission’s, higher efficiencies and reduced wear and tear
  • Patented silicone carbide combustion chamber ensures the boiler will last long past the SSRH
  • Automatic tilting grate ensuring the boiler cleans itself after every cycle
  • Automatic de-ashing of complete heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • 7” touch screen controller for user friendly interaction and can be networked with all other small boilers
  • Significant space savings
  • Designed for cascade system of 2 boilers of more
Fröling T4e