Fröling SP Dual

The SP Dual firewood and pellet boiler combines two well designed systems. It fulfils all the requirements for firewood and pellet fuels in two separate combustion chambers. Highly efficient and convenient, the SP Dual guarantees low emissions and energy costs.

The S4 Turbo F with pellet flange is the ideal solution for people who are currently only burning firewood. It can easily be converted to a dual fuel boiler by fitting the pellet unit at any time.

  • Fuel: Wood Logs Wood logs (up to 50cm) and Wood pellets
  • Output options: 15 – 40kW
  • Ability to burn either logs or wood pellet
  • Automatic change over to pellet combustion after logs have completely burned down
  • Manual or automatic filling of the pellet container available
Fröling SP Dual Biomass Boiler