Fröling Turbomat

The Turbomat is a robust, fully automated and highly efficient wood burner. As a leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems, Fröling brought in all their expertise in forward-thinking innovation for the Turbomat. The idea was the development of a boiler that would be perfectly suited for burning a variety of biomass fuels for long periods with minimum maintenance required.

The Turbomat is not just visually appealing – it also has an impressive control system. With Lambda controls as standard, combustion chamber temperature monitoring and under pressure control, perfect combustion is guaranteed for a range of materials. It is just as user-friendly as oil or gas boilers. All Turbomat functions are fully automated, from the fuel feed and combustion control, right through to cleaning and ash removal. The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be extremely easy to service.

  • Fuel: Woodchip up to 40% moisture content / Wood pellet
  • Output options: 150kW, 220kW, 320kW, 400kW and 500kW
  • Efficiently burn both seasoned wood chips and pellets
  • New SPS 4000 controller with 5.7 inch colour touch screen display for sage and simple remote access via Fröling visualisation software
  • Up to 4 units can be cascaded using SPS 4000 so up to 2000kW can be achieved from the TM range
  • Moving grate technology
  • Excellent emissions performance at high load factors
Fröling Turbomat Biomass Boiler