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08 May

SSRH Info Mornings

SEAI Hosted SSRH Information Mornings

SEAI are hosting two biomass conferences on May 23rd (Galway) and May 24th (Cork) for owners/managers of medium sized businesses who switch to biomass heating systems.

Register for Galway event here:
Register for Cork event here:

About the SSRH

The government are introducing a Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH).

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat is a guaranteed financial incentive available from the government to promote the installation of renewable heating systems.

  • The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat will pay participants that generate and use heat from biomass boilers to heat their building
  • The incentive is paid quarterly per annum for a period of 15 years
  • 15 years of guaranteed payments to heat you building

Why we need the SSRH in Ireland

  • The purpose of the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat is to reduce our carbon emissions
  • We are currently ranked 27th out of all 28 European countries when it comes to renewable heating
  • We have a 12% renewable heating obligation to reach by 2020, we are currently at 6.5%

How we can help

Biomass Engineering are partnered with Europe’s largest biomass boiler manufacturer, Fröling GmbH, based in Grieskirchen, Austria.

We provide full turnkey services to clients covering all aspects of biomass projects, from the initial feasibility through to long term maintenance contracts.

Our services include:

  • Fully Funded Biomass Projects
  • Design, Build and Operate Projects
  • Heat Supply and Maintenance Contracts
  • SSRH Feasibility and Application

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